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Speaking with Impact 'Thoughts' - Video 4 Memorization

This video about speaking with impact - is about memorizing your script...or not. Because when you’re actually speaking, how do you remember what you want to say?

Since your presentation is a journey you take your audience on, why not make a map?



Speaking with Impact 'Thoughts' - Video 3 Success

This video about speaking with impact - is about Setting Yourself Up for Success!
What’s the difference between just getting your information across and making the impact you want?

How about starting with the end in mind...



Speaking with Impact 'Thoughts' - Video 2 Presence

This video about speaking with impact - is about presence, YOURS! How do you stay present during a talk or a presentation when you get distracted? Here's a tip that can help.

Please feel free to share your experience or comments.


Speaking with Impact 'Thoughts' - Video 1 The Audience

This video 'thought' on speaking with impact is about the audience - your listeners.

How do you approach your pitch or presentation to get the results you're looking for?


Intro Video - Speaking with Impact 'Thoughts'

I've been working with people all over the world on speaking with impact. Certain recurring themes and issues keep coming up. So I've decided to share my thoughts with you in a few videos.

This first one is an introduction - to trigger your thoughts. Enjoy!  And keep an eye out for the next one.



A pitch is more than just a presentation of your project. It's an invitation to have a further conversation about it.  To take it to the next level.

So how do you get people interested enough to want to hear more? And how do you get them to remember you?

In this video share a tip about engaging your audience. I hope you enjoy it.


Video tip: CAMERA SHY?

Are you used to speaking to a live audience and find yourself struggling to make an impact now that there's a screen between you and your listeners?  

Engaging your audience online doesn't have to be difficult, but it does require a certain focus. Through the camera lens.

Watch this video to find out how to really connect with your virtual audience.